Communication is the goal that focuses on enhancing the communication skills of students through writing, graphics, numeracy, visual and oral group and individual work.  The following is a link to the University Studies Goals.

Communication is a goal that I think is one of the most important.  I believe that this goal helps students learn how to communicate effectively, especially in groups.  Communication is a skill that can be used forever and applied in many different situations you may come across in life.  There are many ways to convey the way you may feel or think and this goal shows students those ways and how to execute them successfully.  Communication is such an important tool and I understand that focusing on the way I communicate with others can help me in many ways.

Firstly, I chose to attach journal assignment #6.  This journal focuses on language and language is obviously something that is vital to communication.  I discuss not only the ways people communicate by speech and sign language but the genetic and evolutionary elements that allow speech itself, physically and mentally.  I learned a lot about the mind and how it allows humans to communicate, this is information that I had never studied before.  Next, I chose the excel time assignment.  I think this assignment relates very closely with the goal of communication.  By writing down and tracking the hours I use throughout a day, I am able to communicate to myself what it is that needs to be done to help me better manage my time.  Also, it helps me tell others what things I need to focus on to be successful.  I wish for this particular assignment I could have been more specific on tracking but it is hard because each week differs on what I use my time for.  Lastly, I chose the group project.  The group project is something that I did not enjoy, but I managed to control my emotions and work with the people assigned in my group.  I learned that I need to respect the ideas of others and communicate my ideas.  In group work, communication is vital to success and our group managed to accomplish that.

1. Journal #6 - Language
2. Excel Time Assignment
3. Group Project

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