Inquiry and Critical Thinking

Inquiry and critical thinking is a goal that promotes student learning through interdisciplinary curriculum, problem posing, conceptualizing and investigating to become empowered, self-motivated learners.  The following is a link to the University Studies Goals.

My understanding of the inquiry and critical thinking goal is that this goal teaches student to not rely on outside sources to learn.  The skill of critical thinking is crucial because it can be used over a lifetime.  I believe the goal is trying to show students how to become a successful learner and to be independent as well.  Some material that student will come across in college are very hard concepts to understand and conceptualizing and inquiring and necessary skills.

For the inquiry and critical thinking goal I chose to include my nature v. nurture synthesis paper, my research paper and my journal assignment #4.  I chose these three pieces because I believe each reflected the critical thinking and inquiry I had to use to accomplish the assignments.  In the synthesis paper I had to look back on all the previous readings and journals and inquire what would work best in the paper.  I spent a lot of time reviewing previous work in order to create the best piece of work I could for the synthesis paper.  Secondly, I chose the research paper.  To complete the research paper I had to spend many hours researching, reading and exploring many different facets of the media to find the best and most crucial information for the paper.  Critical thinking was involved because I had to dig deep to discover what I believed to be the view of the person I was researching.  Lastly, I chose to include my journal assignment #4.  I chose this because I believe it took a lot of critical thinking to grasp the concept of evolutionary genetics and Pollard's discoveries.  I think that my entry reflected my full understanding of the genetics that I previously had no knowledge of.

1. Nature v. Nurture Synthesis Paper
2. Research Paper
3. Journal #4 - Evolutionary Genetics & Pollard

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